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Wenzhou Exhibition

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Update time : 2020-08-31 20:57:00

The full name of this exhibition is China (Wenzhou) Int'l leather, shoe material shoe machinery Fair. The exhibition was not affected by the epodemic and was hld as scheduled. Hongmao machinery took this opportunity to show our roller sewing machine, gluing machine, automtatic gluing, parting and hanmmering/level machine, punching machine, automatic gluing, golding machine and other models. Many visitors had a strong interest in our models. The sales director Mr. Johnathan Dong demonstraded how to operate our machine, which attracted unanimous praise.
After the global epidemic is passed, Hongmao machinery factory plans to go abroad again to participate some exhibition in Vietnam, Brazil, Russia etc. markets。
We are willing to improve the efficiency of shoe-making machines in the world and creat the largest value for shoe-making producer.
Better use, select Hongmao. Easy operation, High Efficiency.

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