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By Zhejiang Lifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. | 25 June 2023 | 0 Comments

Shoemaking machine improvement trends in China

Both domestically and abroad, China is a large producer and exporter of shoes. As a major shoe-making country, the market for shoe-making machinery in China has great potential for development. Analysing the future development trend, many shoe machine manufacturers believe that the prospects for the whole market in China are still good, the speed of product renewal will be accelerated and the requirements for product quality will be increasingly high. Reducing labour costs and improving production efficiency are the goals pursued by many shoe machine manufacturers. At present, the trend for shoe machine companies to improve their products is mainly in three directions: digitalisation, automation and intelligence.


First, digitalization. Digitization is the future development trend of the manufacturing industry, and is also the primary consideration of famous global brands and manufacturing information technology, which has the characteristics of convenience, accuracy, global off-site synchronization, personalization, standardization, etc.


Secondly, automation. In order to save labour costs, most shoe machine enterprises will choose automated equipment, and many manufacturers have invested heavily in the application of robotic hands, automatic assembly lines and other equipment in order to take the lead in the next round of economic boom.


Thirdly, intelligence. Basically, shoe machine entrepreneurs hope that their shoe machine equipment can be multifunctional, adapt to different processes, different types of body, different materials manufacturing requirements, and truly achieve intelligence. For example, in the upper automatic gluing machine, Hot air seam  sealing machine, automatic gluing and folding machine, computer laser cutting machine, etc., the trend of the intelligence of these machines has become more and more obvious. The trend towards multi-functionality, digitalisation and automation is gradually replacing the traditional manual mode of operation, greatly reducing labour costs, improving production efficiency and creating greater value for enterprises.


"Environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency and safety" are basically the eternal topics of the shoe machine industry. If enterprises want to be invincible in the economic tide of the whole industry and get a long and good development, they must always maintain their advantages, keep up with the development of the market, adapt to the development of the situation and changes, constantly research new technologies and new techniques, and strive for long-term sustainable development in order to be invincible in the market.

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