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By Zhejiang Lifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. | 25 June 2023 | 1 Comments

How To Choose a Punched Leather Machine For Your Business?

Leather Puncher

Punched leather is a technique that was primarily used in the production of leather goods in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The process of creating a punched article is very labor intensive, which means that it's more often used for special or one-off items.

Punching machines are great for producing punched leather products because they make the process much less labor intensive. However, not all punching machinery is created equal. There are a few considerations to think about when deciding what type of machine to purchase for your business.

1) How big do you want your finished product to be?

2) Do you want the machine to be portable?

3) What will you use your machine for?

Leather punches machine is a device that can help you to make some leather products with some punched holes. You can use the machine to make shoe upper, bag, belt and other punching items. There are some differences among different models of leather punch machine.

Punched Leather Machine is the most commonly used punching machine in the leather industry.

There are many different types of Punched Leather Machines, so when you are choosing one it is important to look at your budget and what you need the Punched Leather Machine to do. Some Punched Leather Machines punch up to seven holes at one time which is great if you are making bags or other items that require multiple holes. Other Punching Machines can punch just one hole at a time which makes them great for shoe uppers.

For example, the distance between the punching needles on this model of leather punch is adjustable and it can hold Seven holes at one time. This design is convenient for you to make many different punching items at one time.

What's more, this machine comes with a flat base and it has a table on its top and you can put some small parts like hardware on the table when it is working. So you don't need to worry about these small parts falling off during work.

We have five type of leather punching machines: they can used for handbags,shoes, shoes, shoer uppers, leather goods, belts and etc., and the model of HM-A7 which can punch 7 holes at one time and adjust the distance.

The advantages of Punched Leather Machine:
1, Single hole or multi holes punching on a straight line;
2, Seven holes can be punched at one time;
3, It can adjust the equal distance and unequal distance between the holes, and locate with the infrared cross point as the benchmark, so the operation is simple and convenient;
4, The size of the punching needles can be changed according to the request, and there is no need to punch plate;
5, The maximum size of the punching needle is 5.0, and the minimum is 1.5;
6, The machine is equipped with a needle grinder, and the punching needles can be grinded repeatedly;
7, This machine has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost;
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