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By Zhejiang Lifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. | 25 June 2023 | 1 Comments

Working principle and operating procedures of automatic gluing and folding machine

The automatic gluing and folding machine is a combination of automatic electronic gluing and shoe upper folding. The leather passes through this machine, and the leather is automatically glued and folded, eliminating the need for manual gluing on the gluing machine and improving efficiency. It is important for the shoe and bag industry. Mechanical equipment. However, there are still many people who know very little about the fully automatic gluing and folding machine. Next, I will introduce the working principle and operating procedures of the fully automatic gluing and folding machine in detail.

The principle of automatic gluing and folding machine

The automatic gluing and folding machine adopts hot melt and can also be used for folding the glued leather. First of all, adjust the hot glue temperature and the glue flow rate through the button, which is convenient to adjust and accurate. And with the help of photoresistor to automatically control the glue output, the glue quantity is stable and accurate. At the same time, it has the function of automatic tooth punching, automatic slow speed when turning and bending, and can be folded in at the same time, new folding device, improved pressure guide device, etc. It is best to put the leather material, the hammer will open automatically, and the presser foot will automatically lift.

The automatic gluing and folding machine is a complete assembly line from the gluing, folding and shaping of shoes and bags. This machine is suitable for PVC, PU, ​​natural leather, artificial leather, leather products such as shoes, purses, wallets, mobile phone cases, etc. For fabrics and other materials, use hot melt glue to fold the edges.

Operating procedures of automatic gluing and folding machine

1. Press the power and air source.

2. Replace the folding template corresponding to the folding product. When installing the new template, pay attention to the front and rear positions, rotate and adjust the manual input (left or right), adjust the left and right heating plates to the appropriate position, and fix the template .

3. Turn on the main power switch and the power switch to adjust the temperature controller to the appropriate temperature (about 250 degrees), and adjust the heating and cooling time to the required time.

4. Adjust the switch to the manual position (for adjustment).

--Turn on the heating switch, and after the machine is preheated for about 15 minutes, the products that need automatic gluing and folding machine blister can be put on the template for folding production.

--Press the heating start button and observe whether each heating plate is in the proper position.

--Press the heating stop button, press the automatic gluing and folding machine start button, after the hemming action is completed, press the hemming stop button.
5. Take out the finished product after folding, if there is no problem, set the switch to the automatic position.
--Press the automatic start button for normal production.

6. When you need to stop the automatic action, press the automatic stop button.

7. When shutting down, first take out the processed product, turn off the power switch, then turn other work switches to the stop position, and finally turn off the main power switch.

8. When set in the automatic working state, the automatic folding machine will automatically enter the safety protection program. If the operator does not leave the work area while feeding, the machine will not be able to start the operation, thereby protecting the operator. However, due to factors such as vibration, transportation, etc., it is possible that the photoelectric transmitter and receiver position may shift, and the machine cannot be started. Otherwise, the launcher and the joint need to be adjusted on the same axis. You can return to normal.

9. Manual/Automatic key: When the manual function is selected, each work procedure must be completed by the operator to facilitate mold replacement or adjustment and maintenance. When the automatic function is selected, after starting, the machine will enter the automatic working procedure, and each part of the parameters is completed by the time switch and the temperature control table, such as folding time, cooling time, etc.

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