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How to use/choose a hot air seam sealing machine correctly?

Sep 10th, 2021 Zhejiang Lifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(official website)

Operating procedures and maintenance instructions of hot air seam sealing machine/heat seam machine

1. Objective: to standardize the operation and use of hot air seam sealing machine and guide daily maintenance;
2. Scope of application: All machines as Zhejiang Lifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. produced.
3. With a comprehensive understanding, it will be better to choose some glue presses you need.

① Operating procedures:
a. Confirm the input air pressure of the air compressor, adjust the pressure to 4 ~ 6kg / cm2, and the working pressure is 3.5kg/cm2.
b. Turn on the electricity, turn on the main power switch, then turn on the control panel switch, step on the left foot pedal switch, check whether the upper pressure wheel slides smoothly, adjust the dovetail groove, three jacking screws on the right, and adjust the air pressure to adjust the two flow limiting valves on the upper column cylinder;
c. Check whether there is impact sound, adjust the buffer screw of the upper cylinder until it is confirmed that the upper wheel operates well;
d. Whether the air gun swings smoothly, adjust the two flow limiting valves on the air gun cylinder, and adjust the front plate, side plate and lifting plate respectively. To align the nozzle with the pressure wheel, the nozzle shall be adjusted 5 ~ 8mm above the tangent of the two pressure wheels and 3 ~ 5mm away from the pressure wheel. If the nozzle vibrates, adjust the cylinder flow limiting valve and shock absorber.
e. Adjustment time system: T1 is used to adjust the pressing time of the upper wheel and the rolling time of the upper and lower wheels; T2 is used to adjust the cutting time of scissors; T3 is used to adjust the length and length of the automatic belt feeding after the scissors cut the belt; T4 is used to adjust the synchronization time between the swing in of the air gun and the rotation of the upper and lower wheels; T5 is used to adjust the micro retreat time of the next wheel after the air gun is put out; T6 is used to adjust the time when the fan continues to supply air to the heating wire after turning off the power supply;
f. Press the electric heating switch only after ensuring the normal operation of the fan, otherwise the heating wire will be burned. Check whether the air brake is open. When stopping the machine, turn off the electric heating switch first and turn off the power switch to ensure that the fan is delayed for at least three minutes;

② Maintenance:
a. Before going to work every day, check whether the air volume of the air gun is normal. If it is blocked, clean it in time. If it cannot be heated, replace the heating pipe in time;
b. Confirm whether the working pressure is maintained at 3.5kg/cm2 every week, clean the dirt on the surface of the two pressure rollers and the thread ends on the axle, remove the rags, thread ends and dust of the blower and each mechanical transmission part, and apply lubricating oil in time;

c. Check the wear of the two pressure rollers every month to see if the mechanical wear is loose. If so, notify the mechanical maintenance personnel to repair and replace; Clean the dust in the electric box, check whether there is ignition at each wire end, and notify the electrician to repair in time if any.

4. Other precautions:
a. All maintenance work shall be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply;
b. In case of abnormal noise and odor during work, the power equipment department shall be notified in time for treatment;
c. In case of any abnormality or problem under normal use, turn off the power supply first, and contact the power equipment department for repair after determining the fault that cannot be solved by yourself.

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